Curbside Pickup

We are open:

Every day except Wednesday, 11 to 5pm

Personal Shoppers

Marsha Vose

Thurs., Fri., and Sun.



Joyce Hayes

Sat., Mon., and Tue.



Here’s How It Works:

Without leaving your home, let us help you get inspired. Everything we sell is one-of-a-kind, artist-created, and very special. So, step one is to browse the selection of our most popular gift items. We encourage you to take your time. There is no rush to drive home.

If you see something you like and do not need  further assistance, place your order, and we'll call you to schedule a curbside pickup time. When you arrive, call or text, and your shopping bag will be brought to your car. It's that easy.

But let's say you see something you like but you have questions and need more information. In this case, you call one of our personal shoppers. Not only will they tell you more about the item, they'll walk you through the purchase process and schedule your curbside pickup. You'll enjoy the same service you would have if you walk into the gallery/gift shop.


In-store Visits are safe too!

Just so you know, no one is allowed into the store without a mask. Our personal shoppers and sales staff always wear masks, even outside the store. And to be brutally honest, there isn't enough traffic to worry about over-crowding. In addition, we offer gloves to anyone who wants to touch the merchandise. So according to county regulations, we meet the criteria of being as safe as possible without closing down.