Personal Shoppers

We have two personal shoppers ready to help

Marsha Vose

Thurs., Fri., and Sun.



Joyce Hayes

Sat., Mon., and Tue.



It goes without saying that safety and healthy are the most important things. But that doesn't mean you can't have the fun of visiting Tubac  and feeling the joy of a road trip. At Tubac art and Gifts, we are offering a way for you to find that perfect piece of hand crafted art without having to come into the gallery/gift shop--not just an online store, but a personal shopper you can call to be your eyes and ears; to help you understand exactly what the item is like without you having to leave home.

Here's How it Works


  • Browse a selection of our most popular artist-created gifts now, on-line. Each item is priced at pick-up rates, so no extra fees are tacked on.


  • If you find exactly what you want and don't need any help, buy it online, telling us when you want to pick up your shopping bag at the front of the gallery. When you get to Tubac, call us and we will bring your treasures to your car.


  • But let's say after browsing our online store you would like extra clarification, a little direction, or more information. All you have to do is call one of our personal shoppers and she's sure to help.


It's that simple! And that much fun.

Pamper Yourself

with a personal shopper 

and curbside pickup