About Tubac Road

As December arrives, the historic art community of Tubac bursts into color and activity. With over 100 eclectic shops and galleries open for business every day of the week, a 45-minute ride from Tucson becomes a welcome getaway.


For foodies, Tubac will delight anyone’s palate with haute Mexican cuisine, an American Bistro, lots of Italian choices, healthy wrap and salad choices, Mexican comfort food, and a picturesque patio bar with lush green pastures and mountain views at Tubac’s world-class resort.


For shoppers, Tubac is an easy way to escape drab big box malls to one-of-a-kind village boutiques. Even the most ardent shopper will be amazed by the variety of art, crafts, jewelry, clothing, furniture, and home décor Tubac offers—many items made by local artisans.


For those wanting to add a little fun to their lives, Tubac boasts 27 goregous holes of golf, world-renowned birding, hiking (or strolling), holistic health treatments, not-so-healthy taste treats, wine tastings, an art school, tennis courts, swimming pools…the list goes on. And the fact that Tubac has been inhabited for over 11,000 years (starting with ancient elephant hunters to today’s modern treasure hunters) the museum and archeological sites at the Presidio should satisfy any history buff’s curiosity.


Ultimately, a memorable getaway is made perfect by an attractive and comfortable room to return to at night. Tubac fills the bill with an expansive resort nestled in a peaceful setting, a charming B&B, many vacation rentals, and a variety of Air B&Bs.


We welcome travelers from around the world. We would like to welcome you.